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CVA is a licenced commercial fish farm. We have 16 purpose built ponds which hold silver perth, black bream, barramundi, yabbies and marron as well as ornamental fish species of Koi and Goldfish

CVA has been supplying silver perch for commercial and aquaponics purposes since 2008. We are a self sufficient farm and we do our own breeding, growing out and distribution throughout WA to wholesale fish markets to local and Perth restaurants.

FINGERLINGS - We breed, package and transport fingerlings for the aquaponic wholesalers, fish dams and hobby aquaculture.

Email Wayne or Leanne with your seasons order. Pre-orders are essential.


We have held a number of aquaponic workshops for setting up and continuing the growth of your system. These workshops are becoming very popular. If you are interested please contact us for information on upcoming workshops.

You will learn about:

  • Science behind Aquaponics

  • Auto siphons v's timed flood and drain

  • Designing and setting up a system

  • Fish selection & stocking capacity

  • Plant selection & plant health

  • Water parametres(Ph and Ammonia levels)

  • Trouble shooting

    • Prevention/diagnosing/curing diseases in fish​

    • Cleaning growbeds

    • Nutrients available

    • Deficiencies and diseases in plants


We supply Sketting quality fish pellets, internationally recognised and Tasmanian based. Skretting is a world leader in manufacturing pellets for optimum performance and growth. Available in sinking or floating pellets in 1.8mm, 2.3mm, 3mm, 5mm and 9mm.



Fish Pricing


Silver Perch whole live - $30 kg eg (plate size approx $15)

Marron $80 kg

Yabbies $55 kg

Fingerlings SP POA


Skrettings Fish Food - Unavailable

1.2mm & 1.8mm container $10

2.3mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 11mm - 1kg bags $15 ea

20kg Bags available POA



Goldfish Std 5cm - 30cm  $4 to $28

Shubunkins/Red & White Goldfish $6 - $38

Koi 5cm - 40cm  $10 to $60

Swordtails Male $4 - Female $6

Bristlenose Std small $2 per cm - large $2 per cm

Bristlenose longfin $25ea

Blue yabbies (aquarium) $0.50 - $2.00ea

Ramshorn snails 20c ea

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